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Angel on the Radio A college-AU fanfiction from Dean Winchester's point of view.

Dean's just started University, and he's finding it hard to adjust. His only relief comes in listening to the mysterious show 'Angel's Demons' on the Uni radio where a man known only as Angel becomes his only friend without even knowing Dean exists.

Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Characters: Dean W, Sam W, Castiel, Michael,

Bobby Singer, John W, Mary W, Jo Harvelle, Chuck Shurley, Ash, Charlie B, Gabriel, Chuck, Balthazar, Anna, Zachariah, Alastair.

Words: ~70,000

Status: Complete

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Angel on the Radio
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Looking down from here,
it’s out of my hands for now.
Out on my window ledge,
it’s out of my hands for now.
So let me in.
Let me in.